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Our Story

Love Wood was founded in 2007 by Clive and Gina Leacock. Originally from Watford, this is where Clive started his career in cabinet making. After college days Clive took an apprenticeship working for years with old school cabinet makers. Then moving on to his claim to fame –  making furniture and sets for “Harry Potter”. An inspirational time for Clive bringing out his passion for everything antique, vintage and Rustic. Immediately after filming was over Clive moved to Yorkshire to start renovating a 300 year old farm – creating Love Wood from a small barn.

We are now based from a large workshop in Penistone, south Yorkshire – a thriving market town where we have a growing reputation for producing fine bespoke kitchens, using both traditional furniture making techniques and modern advances in components and fittings. Oh and sneaking a few rustic things in along the way.

Our sister company and Clive’s Passion:

Love Wood Furniture

Inspired by the industrial era, we specialise in designing and upcycling unique and unusual vintage industrial furniture from interesting old architectural, industrial and factory items.

Sourced from around the UK from steel, iron and machine parts twined with reclaimed timbers making antique curiosities from an era when craftsmanship and quality were rarely compromised.  Breathing a new lease of life into objects that may have reached the end of their original purpose and helping to preserve our environment.

Cabinet maker husband and wife team
Cabinet maker husband and wife team