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What is the difference between a Love Wood Kitchen and a standard kitchen?

All Love Wood Kitchens are truly bespoke, designed and handmade.  Many companies use the word bespoke to describe a standard product that they customise to fit its purpose. Everything we do is made to measure and created specifically for you.


How much does a Love Wood kitchen cost?

This obviously depends on a lot of factors as every kitchen is unique, so is the investment required for it, but as a guide, here are some prices for typical sizes of a high specification Love Wood kitchen :-

  • A standard size kitchen – includes stone worktops, sink furniture and taps, larder, Pan drawers, LED lighting, state of the art wirework, recycle bin, decorative end panels, cornice, plinth, handles and all fitting. In a painted finish approx. £18,000, Solid Oak approx. £20,000


What materials do you make your cabinets / carcases from?

We prefer to use 19mm oak veneered plywood, which we feel, is a superior product, however the choice is yours.


Can we have a set of drawings of the design you have done for us?

Yes we can supply detailed scale hand drawn plans and elevations drawings for a small fee to cover the time it takes to create these details as a lot of time and care goes into them (refundable from the cost of your project should you wish to go ahead)


What is your lead-time?

This can vary greatly but approx. 12 weeks


What kind of worktops can you supply?

There are numerous materials available to compliment any kitchen including Granite, Quartz, Corian, Glass, Stainless Steel, concrete and of course solid timber.


Do I need to buy all new appliances?

No, we can work around all existing appliances that want to be kept, even sink and taps.


Do you make furniture other than for kitchens?

Although we specialise in kitchens, we are also able to undertake projects such as, vanity units for bathrooms, home studies, libraries and media rooms, please see our furniture website and give us a call – this website is under maintenance


Is it true Clive was involved with the production of “Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone”?

Yes, This was an exciting time for Clive already having a great passion for anything old, vintage and magical.  He built sets and furniture featured in the film and now on the tour!