Why Lovewood?

For many of us a beautiful new kitchen comes behind only perhaps our home in terms of the investment required, which is why it is important to spend time thinking about who to choose to make your dream kitchen. At Lovewood we fully appreciate the significance of this decision, and we believe that there are several reasons why choosing us helps to make these dreams a reality:-


All of our kitchens are handmade and unique to you. Many companies say this, but few actually demonstrate it. With Lovewood you can physically touch the planks of wood that your kitchen start out as. No pre-made carcasses or doors here, just the finest quality natural materials, hand picked, and lovingly shaped into a bespoke kitchen for you.


Lovewood’s quality is second to none, as you’d expect from a team that honed its skills on the Iconic set of the Harry Potter films, which were nominated for several awards for the quality of their sets. This attention to detail is manifested in every single one of our kitchens, from start to finish, and results in the perfect end product – the finest quality kitchen money can buy.


Our craftsmen are artisans, and as such are most at home in our workshop, which is where all of our kitchen projects start their journey. You are more than welcome to visit and have a look at the raw materials before they are turned into your stunning kitchen. This is not a high gloss showroom designed to part you from your money, but it is a fantastic testament to the skills of our team, gained over many years. And because you are not paying for salesmen, showrooms and the associated overheads, this means that every penny of your budget goes straight into your dream kitchen.


As every kitchen is unique, so is the investment required for it, but as a guide, here are some prices for typical sizes of a high specification Love Wood kitchen :-

  • A standard size kitchen – includes stone worktops, sink furniture and taps, larder, Pan drawers, LED lighting, state of the art wirework, recycle bin, decorative end panels, cornice, plinth, handles and all fitting. In a painted finish approx. £18,000, Solid Oak approx. £20,000

The Love Wood Experience