Painted Kitchen

Clean, fresh, dramatic or contemporary.  Whatever look you are trying to achieve, a hand painted kitchen can be both ‘on trend’ or timeless.  Hand Painting offers a more matt finish to woodwork, which may be more desired with a period home or a room with very strong architectural influences.  This means your newly installed furniture looks like it has always belonged as apposed to new and shiny, as achieved with a sprayed finish.  Love Wood regularly paint with all the designer colours from Farrow and Ball to The Little Greene Paint Company.  These are eco friendly and water based.  The colour wheel is your oyster.  Your kitchen can come primed and ready to hand paint by our own specialist or yourselves.  However if a hand painted kitchen isn’t your thing then we can also spray your kitchen in any colour of your choice.

If you would like to find out more about our hand painted kitchens, please contact us to discuss your requirements.