Logo for Love Wood Kitchens featuring a stylized tree with light blue leaves on the left side and the business name "Love Wood Kitchens" in light blue text to the right of the tree. Ideal for use as a header template, blending natural elegance with professional branding. by Love Wood Kitchens


Timber Framed Cottage, Derbyshire

Thank you Mr & Mrs Pilley.  How refreshing to find a company with true design passion and so responsive to the customer’s ideas, wants and needs. Working with Clive and Gina was a truly positive experience and we created our beautiful functional and quirky kitchen design together. Clive ensured that he managed our expectations and budget yet delivered a unique product which expressed our character and style. Our Kitchen was only part of a much larger project and its relationship with the rest of our home is perfect ! Attention to finish, texture, proportions and detail is balanced and considered and Gina and Clive advised on elements of functionality, this can only come from their cabinet making experience. Clive is a true craftsman and customer satisfaction from start to finish is at the heart of their business values. “